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Ah, your Grace, you will get me into trouble.....

This is a beautiful picture of a fantastic costume!  I love how she is 
covered and still looks enchanting.  Yes, her belly is exposed a bit, 
overly so, and look how her arms and legs are totally covered....very 
demure.  In my opinion, I would love to own a costume just like this and I 
would wear it to events and hafla's both in SCA and out. 
You asked my opinion on professional dance wear in a restaurant....of 
course, the correct answer is "It Depends".....It depends on the 
restaurant owner, the occasion, etc., etc., etc.....BUT I have seen this 
exact style worn in professional performance to great effect. 
While most professional restaurant gigs will be preformed in modern 
Egyptian style cabaret gear (main ingredient = skin and sequins), a sword 
number done in this garb would be fantastic.


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You are right in regards to period. I have no earthly idea if there is a 
modern turkish look. Panne velvet is a ify material. Some people think it 
is like a kind of velvet talked about in the books, but we in Ansteorra 
have steered away from it as to modern. In the pictures I can find there 
are no bared midddles outside of India. The closest I have found is a 
dancer that has opened up her shirt to show her middle. I have attached 
the picture. 
This outfit would make a nice casuel modern dance costume. It would be fun 
for non-profession dancing. It would be to casual for a performance at a 
resturaunt. Am I right about this Toryn?
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