[Elfsea] Volunteering for Queens - You are Needed!

Genna gennac at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 10:26:27 PST 2006

Greetings Elfsea!

In just a few short days Her Majesty Valeria will choose her champion
in our very lands! Rapier fighters come from all over the kingdom to
pit their mettle against each other for the honour. The honour of
hosting this grand event is ours and now is the time to participate in
showing Our Majesties and our kingdom that Elfsea is a gracious and
able host :)

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

Gate  6-8 a.m., 11am -1 pm, 12-2 pm (walk-up volunteers please see
Lady Aislyn day of; if you are scheduling ahead of time, please email

Setup  6-8 am

Waterbearing throughout the tournament (please contact Lady Tereysa)

Field Marshals throughout tournament (Please see me or Don Valentyn
prior to tournament)

Field Heralds throughout tournament

Feast Set-up   3-5 pm (Please report to Pavilion)

Feast Serving 5-6 pm (Please see Lady Elisabeth at feast set-up table
under pavilion)

Tear Down 7 pm

There will be a sign-up sheet at Gate for these duties as well.

Thank you for your time, your effort and your happy smiling faces!

In Service,
Lady Genna

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