[Elfsea] Queens - Weather? Here's How to Prepare!

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And swing by BACKWOODS to pick up a wash-in waterproofer for your
cloak...  ;)


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Let me add...

The event will occur.  A Queen's Champion will be chosen.  People will
toughen up.

We held Mikaela's Queen's in Victoria, in July, in 110 degree heat with
about 80% humidity.   And no shelter.

We held Kayleigh's Queen's in freezing weather, with sleet, in January,
with all of us huddled under a single cloth pavilion, conducting one
fight at a time.  

We Ansteorrans went for years without requiring a secondary, indoor site
in case of foul weather.  It's only recently that this tremendous fear
of the weather has set in.  

The event coordinators and kingdom seneschal have discussed at great
length the measures we can take to mitigate any weather problems.  As
we've done for decades, we'll do our best to handle the will of nature
as it arises.  

So, rather than post gloom and portents ahead of time, why don't we all
just plan on showing up, supporting our new Queen, making it clear (yet
again) that Elfsea is one of the strongest baronies in the kingdom, and
enjoy the day...rain or shine?

I'll look forward to seeing you all there.


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>Good Gentles,
>Yes there is a prediction of rain this weekend. If my anti-rain dances 
>and incantations don't work, here is what will happen:
>The site has a permanent structure wooden pavilion that is large enough

>FLOOR IS CEMENT. We'll have canvas pavilion walls up on the sides to 
>deter blowing rain.
>If you have your own pavilion I suggest you consider bringing it so 
>that not everyone is huddled under the permanent structure. It will 
>give more room for fighting.
>Please bring chairs for feast - it will be served under the permanent 
>pavilion during court.
>If it does rain we will try to adhere to schedule as closely as
>Don't get caught unprepared- bring cloaks, hats, rainproof gear. Assume

>you'll get wet. If you don't- what a happy surprise!
>Remember the good old days when all events were outdoors and there were

>no contingency plans or indoor backups? This event will happen and be a

>success and everyone will have fun if we all stay positive, work 
>together and remain in good spirits :)
>As a side note, NO FIRES. DFW area is still currently under a Burn Ban 
>so there can be no open flames. If you bring stoves, grills, etc, they 
>cannot be of the gas/flame variety.
>Ever in Service & Praying for Blue Skies, Genna

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