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Mon Jan 30 13:05:43 PST 2006

Please allow me the bandwidth to again thank those who contributed their
time, services and socks (which I am sure ended up wet) this past Saturday
at Queen's Champion:

Gate: Lady Aislyn, HL Fearghus, HL Siobhan, Lord Daniel, Master Philip, HL
Elin, Countess Sibri - they processed 133 people in a few short hours time.

List: Mistress Serena, Mistress Aethelyan, Lady Hannah - a hefty 65 fighter
list, no small feat!

Lady Jocelyn for reminding me even stewards need to eat and bringing Val &
me chick-fil-a

Lady Tereysa for hauling, set-up, waterbearing, tear-down, moral support and
her lovely smile!
Lord Ceatta for set-up, gate, carrying, toting, gophering and basically
being a reliable guy :) (and one of the few us crazies there at 6 am )

Mistress Stella for her lovely work on the invitations and jumping in to
help Herald: being in the right place exactly when needed. She's so darned
good at that!

Luciana for her Nastycratting

Feastocrat Extraordinaire Lady Elisabeth along with Lord Caelin and their
crew, Master Richard, Ron, Genevieve, I know more pitched in I can't recall
but dang those cinnamon rolls were good! Anything that diverts His Majesty's
attention so during court has to be mighty tasty :)

Lady Genevieve for doing anything and everything- you so rock! She, too, was
among those there in the dark and the rain ready to do whatever it took.
Among other things, setup, heralding, royal liaison, feast, field marshal,
tear-down and she too offered fantastic moral support and a hug when

Lord Crandall, (CiC) and Lady Eithne - Besides their chirurgeon services,
both also pitched in whenever needed and did so generously and graciously.

The Lovely Lady Elfsea for her work on the invitations, bringing flowers and
rugs and everything else that we didn't think to bring ourselves and that
gave the event that special touch. You are priceless.

My co-Autocrat, Don Valentyn for his hard work, support and guidance.

And of course the many and sundry folk who I have forgotten- forgive me-
thank you all for coming together and making Her day special.

In Service,
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