[Elfsea] Demo possibility

Rachel Fisher sunflower_rdb at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 31 12:04:35 PST 2006

Greetings all,

I work at SMU, and I recently found out that they have
a Medieval Club, and they would like to do some
collaborations with the local SCA.  

They are holding a medieval faire on campus on April
5, and they have invited us to participate in a demo
if possible.  I know it may be difficult because of
work schedules. The faire will be on a Wednesday
during the day.

I've listed the details that I have below.  If anyone
wants to come out, or has any ideas on how we might
work together, please let me know.  It sounds like it
could be fun.

In Service,

Constance Elizabeth Campbell (formerly Regan)


You are invited to join the annual medieval faire!

      The date set! On Wednesday, April 5, 2006, from
the flagpole to the fountain, our campus will
transform into a faire to promote and celebrate all
things medieval! The faire will last from 11:30 am
until 1:30 pm.

      If you have any interest in participating or
know anyone who would want to participate, please do
not hesitate to sign up. The more the merrier! We need
dancers, musicians, performers, anyone and everyone
who shares an interest in medieval culture. 

      I am available by e-mail: afranks at smu.edu, or
phone: 214 722 0710. I do hope to hear from you soon!
I can arrange for outlets, tables, chairs,
microphones, and nearly anything else you can think

     -Ava Franks

     medieval club president

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