[Elfsea] silent auction thank yous

David Ruff davidsbox01 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 3 16:52:03 PDT 2006

You are most welcome, i am glad i could be of some service Duchess Willow. If i can be of any other help you have my number. 
  I will forward the money as it comes to me :)
  On an off note i figured you might like to see a crossbow i am building - it is another custom medieval (been having WAY to much fun then is legally allowed in building these im sure)
  It is a Claro walnut wood with koa wood. The metal is steel, brass and silver. The horn used is buffalo, gemsbok and ivory
  The bow is NOT put together - rather the parts are just laying where they should go. I am mounting the trigger now :) I will be shooting this bow at Rose tourney in november :) - Hopefully. The prod is giving me fits as i have made a custom composite prod to look like steel but it is firing at 120# and in excess of 265 feet per second on a 350 grain bolt - which would give the bow a SERIOUS advantage and VERY NOT in the spirit of the SCA and the rose tourney - long story short - im trying to tone it down...
  The top side (not real visable) is inlaid with horn and silver railing and a spot of ivory. 
  Please forgive the cluttered look of the bow - its a work in progress. 
  Lord Ulrich Von Carolingia
  House FalconRose Crossbowsman and Bowyer

"willowjonbardc at juno.com" <willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote:
  -I would like to thank Ulrich, the people in Elfsea and all the people 
who bid on the crossbow. The money is really helping. I have been very 
worried because I have been supporting the family by selling my 
artwork. The fire made it impossible to paint and the smoke has laid 
me low with asthma. I have finally cleaned up enough of an area to get 

The people in Lindenwood should be happy to know I have made a -
beginning on the wall hangings I am lending for the Masque. Of course, 
I am behind schedule. Anyone who has time to help please contact me. 
817-794-0320 These wall hangings will also be used at Rose Tourney.

There will be another silent auction at Queen's and I will be selling 
historical items and costumes from my reigns. I will selling old 
Blackstars and IT's. I will also be selling some of my personal 
artwork that I have kept for myself. 

Thanks everyone
Willow de Wisp 

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