[Elfsea] "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Ann JR captnann at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 6 20:39:23 PDT 2006

How does 6:00 at the Ridgmar Movie Tavern in Fort
Worth on Friday
afternoon sound?

It's not as central as I would like, but I feel it's
the optimum
showtime that people can make and still get home and
to bed early for
the bus to coronation - and you can actually have
dinner at the movie 
no one needs to go out before or after.

Yep, that is a bit far.  I was thinking more along the
line of an actual afternoon showing because I'll have
my son with me.  The Arlington Movie Tavern has a 3p
show we'll probably go to instead.  Of course,
anyone's welcome to join us, just look for me with a
long braided pony-tail and talky 5-yo.


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