[Elfsea] Coronation

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Sun Jul 9 20:10:14 PDT 2006

Many stories and happenings at Coronation. You will hear of them over time. 
  Many of my Elfsea Family there to be witness. 
  To my friends and comrades in arms that have supported my actions over the years, I thank you from the depths of a soul that daily strives to do what is needful. 
  If you were not there you should know that I am still in shock about that which I have worked for these many years. 
  Enoch Crandall macCranon was made a Baron of the Court of Ansteorra. 
  Throw parties, throw food on the grill, throw ......... something. 
  And help me celebrate my 24 years in the SCA. 
  And now, onward, into the breach. 
  Crandall, Baron
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