[Elfsea] Coronation and thanks yous (long)

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Mon Jul 10 09:57:02 PDT 2006

Hello all,

   Coronation was a beautiful day.  Our local fighters fought well, with 
honor and panache.  Centurion Louis made it in the San Angelo local 
paper, along with his lady Colleen.  Before I depart for the land of my 
parents for a few weeks I would like to thank publicly; those who helped 
make my knighting special for me.  Druinne, you made hosen for both the 
vigil and the elevation as well as the lyrapipe hood I wore.  They 
looked fantastic.  Daire, the poulains and pattens -- awesome. Ciannait, 
for the terrific job of beading; I know that you gave many hours of 
labor for me and I truly appreciate it. Robin, Signy, Alexis, Larrissa, 
Mary Grace, Tessa, and Kief:, your words were heartfelt and truly 
meaningful.  I am so glad you were able to come and speak for me. 
Simone, Drake, Duncan, your admonitions will stay with me for the rest 
of my life.  Morgan, thanks for stepping in and helping. You've been 
closer to me than my own regular brother.  Hrafn, you are the man.  
Something needs to be done and you are there.  You guarded through the 
vigil, you made my vigil book, you were there to carry my banner in the 
procession. Elizabeth and Dirk, for helping keep my lady sane through 
out the stress of real life and getting everything ready for both the 
vigil and knighting. Duncan, I would also like to thank you for taking 
me info your family, training and guiding me through the years.  I 
aspire to your example of chivalry.  To all of you who came to see the 
knighting ceremony, thank you as well.  It is so nice to see so many 
happy faces. I could literally feel your support for me. My son, Daniel, 
when I told you I wanted you to help with my procession and that you 
would not get to go to space camp-in  this year, you said you really 
wanted to be there for your PaPa.  Finally, thank you Rixende, my Lady,  
without whom I would not have gotten anywhere.  In fact, I would 
probably still be in the back woods of Meridies, where you met me.  Your 
love inspires me in all things. I thank God each and every day for 
blessing me, by bringing you into my life.  I remain,

ever in service

Sir Tomás Niállagáin
/Fidelis ut meus vota/
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