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Very Good Work. 
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I have put Elfsea's OP online - _http://www.geocities.com/elfsea_herald/_ 
(http://www.geocities.com/elfsea_herald/)  .  I have also started a member's page 
for the Barony.
As for the help I need for the OP - I need for people to go through  and 
check names to confirm that their information is correct. I know  that some 
information is not up to date - Caelin's Pelican, Crandel's  Barony, Tomas' 
Knighthood, to name a few. I am going to be taking my  Court reports to work to begin 
filling in the blanks. I have set up an  email account specifically for this 
website - _elfsea_herald at gmail.com_ (mailto:elfsea_herald at gmail.com)  , and  
there is a link at the top of the page to click on. Please email any  
corrections, additions, deletions, or updates to that account, and I  will add the 
update the list. 
Many people receive awards at events that I do not attend. I want  to be 
certain that people receive recognition for these awards. I need  your help in 
As for the Member's list...my goal is to have all the members of  Elfsea on 
the list, regardless of whether they are on the OP or not. If  you know of 
someone who is not on the list but who is a member of the  Barony, PLEASE let me 
know. I want to include them too. There is also a  link to 
_elfsea_herald at gmail.com_ (mailto:elfsea_herald at gmail.com)  at the  top of this page for easy 
access. My next goal is to begin to  get the registered devices for members and to 
include that on the  website, so that those can be viewed as well. I got some 
great ideas  from the Eclipse Herald :) 
Thank you, many times, for your assistance in this.
In service,

Always assume the best about your  loved ones. There is a reason that you 
love them  

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