[Elfsea] Subtle reminder

Vicki Marsh xaraxene at comcast.net
Tue Jul 18 20:39:49 PDT 2006

This Friday is the Steppes Populace meeting at Kalida and Thorkel's home.
[P.S.  they have some adorable kittens that need homes...hint, hint.]  One
of the things we'll be doing is demonstrating how to make marzipan roses in
preparation for Queen's Champion and Masked Ball the following weekend.  And
I'll be trolling, er, requesting assistance for several days prior to the
event for help chopping and slicing.  The sideboard is mostly salad type
stuff, and lots of fruit for making your own fruit salad or fruit dessert if
marzipan is not up your alley or on your diet. Of course, those kinds of
foods have to be prepared really at the last minute to be at their best.  I
expect to be slicing and dicing mostly on Thursday and Friday, with a little
on the site, and I'll need a little help keeping the tables stocked.  We
won't put out all the food at once, but will keep up the restocking to
prevent any nasties from forming.

  We will, of course, have roast beef (thanks to Countess Regina!), sliced
ham, and sliced turkey breast, cheeses, and breads for the carnivores out
there.  The breads will be sliced so you can make sandwiches or a
plate...whatever suits your needs.  We will also have iced water, Gatorade,
and either lemonade or iced tea to keep everyone cool.

  None of this is really taxing or difficult.  Kalida even assures me that
she can teach ME how to make the roses actually look like roses!  So come
prepared, and don't forget your swimsuit and a towel!

  HL Saqra

  P.S.  Would someone post this to the Elfsea list?  I can't seem to get
anything up there.   (Done - Xene)

  P.S.S.  Would the person who offered a bag of silk flowers please contact
me off list?  At the time you offered, I was functioning (sort of) under a
serious case of sleep deprivation and can't remember who you are.
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