[Elfsea] Moot is Coming! - and someone let the Phoole out

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Thu Jul 20 15:16:29 PDT 2006

Phoole's Phest - Pyro's Keep 
Sept. 9 (Saturday) 
Foolish Theme for Bard and Dessert competitions 
Pot Luck 
Fighting depending on weather 
Backyard party and traditional Elfsea burning of
Newcomer speeches given 
You want something specific? Please volunteer to

Phoolish Spook Phest - Darius' Hut 
Saturday before Halloween 
Research and bring period decorations for your
Backyard party and traditional Elfsea burning of
Pot Luck 

Crandall, Olde Phoole 

--- Aislyn of Glynwyrd Fen
<aislyn_glynwyrd_fen at hotmail.com> wrote:

Oyea, Oyea, Oyea!!

The Populace Meeting of the Barony of Elfsea will
be held on Monday, July 24th, 7:00 pm, at the
Coors Distribution Plant, Hospitality Room
located at 2550 McMillan Pkwy, Ft Worth, 76137
(I-35 and Meachum Blvd.).

Court will be held and garb is encouraged but not
required. Many important items will be announced,
upcoming events will be discussed and  some
business might even be done. This is an excellent
opportunity to visit with old friends and meet
new ones. Bring your projects, bring your stories
and certainly bring your passion for our game! So
please, come join us at our monthly gatherings
and let your voice be heard!
I hope to see you all there!

"Sis audire Deus rideo risi risum , dico him
vestri intentio"
van Zandt

"In all life one should comfort the afflicted, but verily, also, one should 
afflict the comfortable, and especially when they are comfortably, 
contentedly, even happily wrong." 
-John Kenneth Galbraith 

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