[Elfsea] Marzipan Roses for Queen's Championship

Vicki Marsh xaraxene at comcast.net
Sat Jul 22 09:51:46 PDT 2006

Looking for something to do tomorrow?

Want to stay out of the heat? Maybe take a dip in the pool? See Kalida's
beautiful pottery? Learn about making marzipan? Talk fighting with Thorkel?

Come to Kalida and Thorkill's home tomorrow, Sunday, July 22. Starting at 1
pm, we will be making marzipan roses to be served next week at Queen's.

(Borrowed with Saqra's permission)

  Kalida and Thorkel's home is located in Irving, off of O'Connor, south of
183.  Their
address is 1405 Limetree Lane. The easiest way to get there is to take
O'Connor south to Grauwyler (the second light) make a right, then an
immediate left
at the first street, which is Limetree.

Their home is about half-way down the street.  Using either Yahoo maps or
any other online map service will give you
more detailed instructions for the direction you are coming in from.  Their
phone number, should you get lost, is 972-438-9782.

***Warning***  MacArthur Blvd, which is also a way to get to Grauwyler and
Limetree is under construction both north of 183 and south of 183!  It is a
mess, frankly.


I hope to see lots of people there. We can talk, have fun, and make lots of
roses for next week.

Mistress Xene Theriane
Seneschal of the Canton of Lindenwood
Barony of the Steppes

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