[Elfsea] World Martial Arts Workshop 2006 Reminder!!!

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Subject: [Steppes] WMAW 2006 Reminder!!!

Greetings all!

I'm cross-posting this for those of you who might be interested in a
whole-weekend introduction to historical swordsmanship. Next June, we're
planning on teaming the Schola Saint George portion of the event up with
a pas d'armes and Rattan symposium, as we have the support of the City
of Lewisville for an annual event. 

Come out and play!

Xpost as appropriate...

Earl Sir Brion Thornbird ap Rhys, OL


The 2006 Western Martial Arts Workshop is being held in conjunction with
the 2006 Schola Saint George International Swordsmanship Symposium in
the Dallas, TX, area October 13-15 2006.

This year we have many "old hands" and some exciting new faces who will
be offering classes on everything from medieval through modern
swordsmanship, including extensive course offerings on RA MS I.33, Fiore
dei Liberi, the Liechtenauer school of German swordsmanship, Italian &
Spanish rapier, Jogo do Pau and other cool forms. There are classes on
the German Scythe, on the saber, on pedagogy and on transitioning from
drill to sparring. There are cutting workshops and the usual after hours
fun that sets these events apart from your usual symposia. Presently we
have thirty instructors from around the world and more than a hundred
preregistrations. Real swords will be present from the Oakshott

As in previous years, we will be holding a formal dinner (in medieval
clothes) on Saturday night, and there will be tournaments on Friday
(baton and rapier), and on Sunday morning (a medieval pas d'armes). We
will have demonstration opportunities available for instructors and
schools, and time to talk to the general public about the different
things done in the classical fencing / Western martial arts communities.
Come join the fun! 

The event is being co-sponsored by the City of Lewisville, so we have
the run of an absolutely outstanding facility and support from the local
hotels. The city is also sending two video teams and bringing in the
local media. This year the Marriott has offered a superb rate ($39 per
person, double occupancy!), and there is an even lower rate available
with our block at the SUPER 8. Shuttles are available from the hotels to
the site for a nominal charge. DFW is the main hub for American
airlines, so getting in and out of the area is very easy--the site is
just 12 miles from the airport via a usually clear expressway. 

Hotel rooms, dinner and class spaces are rapidly filling up.
Registration for the event is a steal at $155, but is even cheaper with
the "early bird" discount available through Sept. 6th its only $135!
Registration for the day is available at the door for $65 per day or
$175 for all three days. Visitor passes are available for $6. 

Find details at http://www.wmaw.us, and sign up today to reserve your

Brian R. Price, Principale


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