[Elfsea] Demo Thread

Sandra Geil alexsandraeryn at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 9 13:35:10 PDT 2006

Someone older and wiser told me once that the reason to do demos is to share what we love about the Middle Ages. This is why I do demos. 
  I often learn some new skill or craft at the large demos and at the small ones I get to teach a little bit of what I enjoy to someone else and perhaps share the love of learning - even if they don't decide to learn about the middle ages, they may decide to learn about something.
  In a time when our schools are more often then not glorified babysitting services, if I can share a little of the love of learning with a child or young person and in a small way encourage them to move beyond the surface of anything then my time was well spent. And I might even reap what I sow in my own classroom in a few years!

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