[Elfsea] Missing tool box

Daralynn Brittain elspeth013 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 10 15:30:50 PDT 2006

Greeting Ansteorra!!

I need your help.  At Gothic, my Lord left a yellow and black tool box that 
contains his duck tapes and some leather working tools.  It was left under 
the Baronial pavillion during the Centurion Meet and Greet.

If anyone has seen this, or has it in their possession wondering what person 
could leave such valuables lying about, it was me.  I was the keeper for the 
day, and I left it on site.  (Managed to remember the children, though!)

We will be at fighter practice on the 17th, and would appreciate any word on 
its whereabouts.

Thank you in advance for your help,

In Service,

Elspeth de Stervlen

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