[Elfsea] not period, newcomer intro

Miss I Brow starstruck503 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 14 13:37:55 PDT 2006

Greetings, all!  I am new to your fair Barony and wish to introduce myself, 
as well as address the question posed by the Duchess Willow de Wisp:

Mundanely I go by the name Mary Ann Brower.  In the society, I am called 
rua, which is Gaelic for red.  My society name, known to very few, is Lady 
Mairi Besswicke.  I am suffer (gladly) from chronic volunteerism and want to 
be able to do *everything* passably well.  At present my interests include, 
calligraphy and illumination, working with glass (lampwork and stained 
glass), bobbin lace, cooking, astrology, hammered dulcimer, apprentice 
chirurgeon and the late Tudor/early Elizabethan era.  Past interests, which 
may or may not be revived sponaneously, include rapier, spinning, weaving, 
natural dyes, smithing, embroidery/teneriffe lace, jewelry making, 
solelties, heavy weapons, herbals/oils, soapmaking, runes/tarot, and Middle 
Eastern and European dance.  Actually, there is little I am not interested 
in, only things I haven't had time or opportunity to try yet.
   I am not generally one to be in charge of projects/groups, but shine as 
support, so please invite me to join your workforce!

Now to answer the posed question:
I personally find myself responding to the person who shows a real interest 
in what I am doing, and somewhere in the conversation, after determining 
that I *am* interested in "being period" makes a few casual suggestions.  I 
hold the the adage that it is easier to do it right than not, as the 
medieval indset was usually into getting it done and not into complicating 
things.  Perhaps a good way of doing it would be to invite the people to do 
some research with a group, so everyone can benefit and learn without being 
singled out?  It's hard to tell as a newcomer whether you will want to be 
competitive with your workor not, and there is enough game for people of 
both schools of thought, but it is helpful to know the rules so you can 
decide whether you want to break/ignore them.  Sometimes seeing the work of 
others and seeing the accolades being given out might spark an interest in 
being PC (period correct).  Just random thoughts...

>We need to tell people the rules of the game, but we need to do it in
>a nice way. Does anyone remember a time when someone set you on the
>right path and did in a way that made you feel good? I would like to
>hear about their techniques. Courtesy is one of the pillars of the
>magic that is Ansteorra. We are smart people. We need to figure out
>how to tell people things without hurting their feelings.
>Duchess Willow de Wisp
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