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We have a go to do the Arlington Library Demo on October 21st from noon to five. So far I have the following volunteers. If you volunteered and are not on the list please let me know so I can add you. If you volunteered and can no longer help out please let me know so I can take you off. I am meeting with the library staff in the next few weeks to tie everything down. I will not be at business meeting tomorrow due to work but will be at Populace if you have any questions. Thanks be to all who are chipping in! 
Library Demo Volunteers
Library Demo 
HL Robinspinning wheel & drop spindles
Meriyan der GratWaterbearing
Lady Ealasaid Mac al’Bhaird al AERYNa quick illumination project with all comers  or bring an an inkle loom
Willow de WispI can bring stuff for the A&S. I can also fight and marshall and talk about armor.
Don AlaricThe "Gonzo Travelling Show-and-Tell Sword Collection" and/or Rapier
Ælfwyn Webbestre and Rikr Foetipper card weaving and fighter
Ceatta Rapier
Carol BillingsA&S
Barbara Garett (sp?)Children's Organizer
Wes DukeHeavy Fighter
Elspeth de StervlenWaterbearer in charge

In Service of the Barony of Elfsea
Giliana Launceleyn
foofurjlr at aim.com
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