[Elfsea] Help needed - Please check the Elfsea OP

Lisa Duke hlarabella at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 17 21:35:01 PDT 2006

The Kingdom OP was last updated at the end of last month just before I sent in my report to the Black Star for October.  Once you get your corrections and additions please forward them to me at Zodiacus at ansteorra.org and I'll make sure they get placed on the Kingdom OP.  Thank you for your work on behalf of the Barony and Kingdom.  When the Order of Presidence is correct, Their Majesties and others who are making award recommendations have all the information they need.  Good Work!!!
  Arabella de Montacute
  Ansteorra Zodiacus Herald

Luciana Caterina di Boniface <dolce.luce at gmail.com> wrote:
    I am asking that everyone please take a few minutes to go to http://www.geocities.com/elfsea_herald and check the information on the Order of Precedence. There is an email link at the top of the page that you can send updates and/or corrections to - elfsea_herald at yahoo.com . 
  I have updated the Barony's OP from the last of the information that people were gracious enough to send me. Thank you, to everyone who has taken time to drop me an email and give me updated information.
  There have been several events since I last asked for people to check the OP and make certain the information is correct. I have an updated Kingdom OP, but the information in there was last updated on 7/8. Unless I get the information from you, I will not have it until the Kingdom OP is updated again. 
  Many thanks in advance for your assistance.
  In Service,

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