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David Ruff davidsbox01 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 19 12:45:00 PDT 2006

MANY many thanks to those that replied to where to check out the services i was seeking.....
  A 1700lb crossbow prod is being born and should be forged and fitted to the bow later next month :)
  Thanks again!! :)

David Ruff <davidsbox01 at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Is there anyone out there that has connections to or knows of a shop that can cut 1" thick carbon steel?
  The steel i am cutting is for a heavy siege crossbow. Total inches would be about 67" for the cut distance. The steel is 1" thick carbon type thats in annealed state. I can pre taper the limbs so it gets thinner as it moves out if it is easier for the shop. This piece unfortunately will eat anything i try and cut it with by hand and my torches/plasma cutter are not big enough to cut anything thicker then 1/2" on a severance cut.
  FYI, the cut can be a severance cut as long as i have enough material to grind to limits.
  I am also looking for someone that can put a drawing into CAD format so a waterjet or laser cutting machine can read it. Willing to front some money for the time. 
  Thanks for the list time, Please respond to davidsbox01 at yahoo.com if you can help.
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