[Elfsea] [Steppes] 12th Night Celebration... help needed

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Wed Sep 20 13:21:55 PDT 2006

Greeting unto the Barony of Steppes and Elfsea as well as the Cantons of Lindenwood and Glaslyn,
  I know everyone is focused on the current calendar and events for the next month or more.  However, I wanted to remind everyone we will be having a wonderous celebration for 12th Night this year.
  I am looking for items that gracious folk are willing to donate for this event.  If you have anything you can offer up, I will be at the following events over the next couple of weeks... Elfsea Defender, Fall Court and Legacy of the Lions.
  We need the following items:
  Lenghts of material (1yard minimum) - prints are fine if Crusades/Moorish/Spanish themes
  Paints - Gallons of cream or white for base.  I will be needing other colors but these will need to all match.
  Brushes for paint
  Garland and such
  White christmas lights
  We will be painting some of the fabric.  So I need to start gathering it now, please.  So if you have some you are willing to donate and you will be at any of the events, please come and find me!  I know I will be in or near the Ladies Pavillion this Saturday.
  Thank you for your help with this!
  In Service,


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