[Elfsea] New Prince

Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Sat Sep 30 15:45:11 PDT 2006


Just for clarity, His Highness has been known as Sir Romanius Scipio
Vesperanius, however the Order of Precedence lists his registered name as:
Romanius Vesperianus

He fought Count Gunthar in the final round and defeated Duke Kein in the
semi-final found. I am told that Count Gunthar surpassed Duke Patrick
Michael in the semi-final round.

Baron Armand Dragonetti,
Excited squire to His Highness, Prince Romanius!

> Who did he fight in the final rounds?
> willow

> You were just excited!!!
> So, who is the new Princess? 
> Xene
> >Please allow me to correct my spelling of His Highness's 
> name;  Sir Romanus.
> >
> >Bicé
> >
> >
> >>Congratulations to our new Prince, Sir Rominas.  He is 
> receiving the 
> >>coronet as I write.
> >>
> >>Bicé

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