[Elfsea] Springfaire unloading

Julie Self julie_self at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 1 16:52:58 PDT 2007

I am very sorry to have missed Springfaire, although it was good I was here 
to help with Rob and Pookie's animals.  I hope everyone had a wonderful 

Loch Ruadh Rocks!

Beam me sideways, Scottie. These people don't know which way is up!

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>To: "Barony of Elfsea" <elfsea at lists.ansteorra.org>
>Subject: [Elfsea] Springfaire unloading
>Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 12:54:24 -0500
>I just got a call from the autocrats....All is well and they are heading
>home. They will need help at the shed to unload. We will be there to
>help, please come if you can.
>Thanks again for all who made Springfair so much fun,
>Baroness Ameline
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>Subject: [Elfsea] Thanks For Our Springfaire Autocrats
>So you wants to Tank the autocrats, does ye? Well here's ur chance. At
>2pm, this very day, Sunday April 1st, we be unloading the trailer at the
>shed and can abu....er, use...yer help. Them fair maids done a right
>fittin job and aaarrr gunna be plum tuckered out by that time I reckon.
>Soes if'n ya wants to show 'em a bit o grat it tood, please be at the
>shed thereabouts. No phoolin'!
>A GREATful,

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