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Ahoy ye barnacle bottomed Sea dogs,
Elfsea Springfaire! What a success!
Privateers and bawdy brigands did abound. A treasure of Thanks go to our
co-autocrats, Lady Hanna von Dahl and Lady Elizabeth Pendarvis and their
scurvy crew. They weathered the white squall on Friday evening an heralded
in a picture perfect day of springtime fun. Thank ye, wenches...and I means
that, to be sure.
We thank His Stellar Majesty, King Romanius, for His presence and
contributions on the day. Who can say Elfsea shirks on taxes? :-) From a
delicious lunch to highly entertaining combat scenarios, to top-notch
Artisan and Bardic competitions, not to mention Archery....er....yes, don't
mention archery. (Still a bit traumatized there.)  Speaking of traumatized,
I believe the King of Fools competition may have imparted a bit of that
trauma to all. Some sights were just too vivid.  Hamish, you're a wee bit
twisted, but congratulations all the same on being named Elfsea's latest
King of Fools. (Perhaps a good physician can help diminish your unfortunate
features that bear striking similarity to one Lord Daniel Stewart.) 
Congratulations to Elfsea's new Titled Artisan - HL Melisenda de Barcelona
of Tempio, with a marvelously documented Funeral Feast, with tasty,
attractive samples to boot. There were 12 competitors with many, many
expert-level entries that upheld the quality and standards we seek in our
champions. Well done all!
Likewise, nine accomplished competitors for Elfsea's titled Bard entertained
Her Excellency with impressive performances. We congratulate Master Robin of
Gilwell on his inspired effort that brought him to again represent Elfsea as
our latest Titled Bard.
Some of those recognized in His Majesty's court included Lady Rosmerryn
Carew de Courcelles' receipt of her Award of Arms, Lady Elizabeth's entrance
into the Order of the Azure Keystones of Elfsea and a Sable Thistle for
Blackwork was also awarded to Lady Hanna. There were many more but not all
were present, so....."Sshhh".
Letters of Marque were reserved not only for the titled champions, but also
other competitors as well in evening court. Sir Tomas, for his dedication
and protection of Elfsea's borders. A fair maiden, whose name will soon be
reported, made many a deal to dominate the Rapier lists, and was almost
undermined by Lord Lochlan Dung, (who never fought a single Rapier bought by
the way), bartered a deal with His Majesty. Once again, young Gavin turned
in an impressive showing, finishing 2nd in the adult Archery competition and
received a Letter of Marque for the effort.
Special Thanks to our outgoing bard, Lady Maggie MacPherson and outgoing
Artisan, HL Fridhur Haralds as well as our outgoing Fool, Goose Raimond and
his puppet, No Count Crandal. Congrats also to HE Crandal as the premier
recipient of the "Oyster's Irritant"
His Excellency Papillion's contribution in evening court was quite
entertaining as was the camaraderie around the bardic fires after dark.
Thank you to Don Ingve for accomplishing what no one else has, actually
getting me into Rapier armor for the first time ever and then providing a
bit of instruction. A fine memory I shall cherish for many moons to
come..Sister Mea Culpa, the pregnant lady of the cloth, Anastasia,
"borrowing" the Star of Elfsea, under the nose of the King, being impaled by
young archers in a William Tell shoot, and many many more memories (Jocelyn)
will keep me smiling for a long time to come. I trust the autocrats and
coordinators can give proper credit where it's due. from Lady Ker Megan at
gate, to HL Druinne preparing lunch, HL Aislyn, HL Fearghus & Lady Elspeth
for a memorable archery shoot, Lord Lochlan Dunn for a rowdy Heavy List and
Lord Dirk for a lively Rapier list and all the good folks who provided
water, medical assistance and more. Master Darius for heralding our courts
and Donald, Rua, Master Oxlade, Centurion Daire and everyone who helped with
setup and tear down. Please know you are all appreciated tremendously,
Aaarrrrg. I know there are more to thank and ask that everyone help me do
If you had fun, please share your tales with us as well as those in the brig
(or otherwise unable to attend). If you didn't have fun, you must have been
stuck in the crow's nest or lost your map to the correct site. Hope to see
you next time around!
Da Bloody Baron of Elfsea
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