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To His Stellar Majesty King Romanius, The Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, Honored Guests, and Cherished Friends:

My sincere thanks to all those who made Springfaire such a delightful and fun day. Things have been rather tense for me this last month, so having one whole day with nothing but laughter, kindness, and delight is something for which  I cannot Thank You enough.

To His Glorious Majesty, Romanius, King of Ansteorra: My geniune surprise at your Graciousness and Generosity in awarding me the totally unexpected Award of Arms made the day one I shall never forget. I shall strive to be deemed worthy of the Honor that You and Her Most High and Elegant Majesty Queen Deanna, extended to me. My reverence and humbly loyal Thanks to you both.

To our Handsome and Fearless Baron,the Centurion Armand and His Exquisite and Charming Baroness Mistress Amaline: Thank you, Excellencies, for your many kindnesses and sincere expressions of concern for my well-being. Our Barony is indeed fortunate to have you both contributing so generously to making the Dream we share come true.

To Lord Baltaire and His Lady of House Golden Hammer : Thank you both, dear friends, for the encouragement, consideration, hospitality, and support you have given me over the past few weeks.  Baltaire, you are a true source of inspiration to all who know you, and I am honored to be counted as one of your many friends. Each time I have come to you for guidance, you have proven to be a sound, knowledgable, and worthy source of information, observation, commentary and reality orientation. Thank you for caring enough to sometimes say the very things I did not want to hear, but definitely needed. Bless you.

To the HL Rixende de Rouen: Lady grande et Honorable,  je veux envoyer mon merci sinc〓re 〓 Votre Ladyship pour les nombreuses gentillesses 〓 moi pendant l'ann〓e derni〓re et surtout cela la semaine derni〓re. Merci pour le cadeau d'aliments et de boisson si g〓n〓reusement offerte. Les mots me ratent, ch〓re Lady, mais de nouveau vous avez montr〓 la chaleur et la grandeur de votre coeur.Je serai pour toujours dans votre dette pour votre pr〓venance dans cela, mon temps de malheur, votre g〓n〓rosit〓 inoubliable vers moi,  et pour ce demonstation sinc〓re de votre noblesse vraie et honn〓te d'esprit.

To Master Darius and Mistress Rosalia: Thank you, dearly Beloved, for the many simple acts of generosity and concern you have shown me, not just at Springfaire, but over the past weeks. You are both superb examples of what being a Peer means. The joy I felt hearing Master Darius' fine voice reading my AoA into Law with Mistress Rosalia (having assisted me to the Court through the hazards of obstruction  my new limited vision makes difficult)  standing next to me is hard to explain. I love you both dearly, thank you.

To a fine Man at Arms and Superb Fighter, My Champion John Blackthorn of Steppes: Thank you, my cherished Friend, for being there with me all afternoon and evening as an extra pair of eyes ( especially once it got dark.) I confess, I am not used to having such a Fine Gentleman as yourself escort me to the Privy  and  afterwards carefully check my appearance  to make certain I was not showing or trailing anything "unexpected".   I am still getting used to the numerous delights and charming reality of the devotion and attendances given to a Lady by her Chivalric Champion.  You are a truely honorable demonstration of the personal courage and  High Ideals of  the Dream.

To the Phoolish One , my delightfully witty parrot , His Excellency Baron Crandall: Never fear, I shall have revenge. Muuhaaawhahahaha....... I may have one eye missing, 'tis true, but thanks to you.. I now have a leg to stand on....and I cannot think of a Better Place to stand than with you and the Other Legges...thank you for making me a part of this Greatly Weird and Strange Group.       

Hadassah: Thank you, dear one, for including me as a Clue in the children's treasure hunt. Teaching them the " Rabbit Song" was one of my most memorable "Golden Moments" in a day filled with so many. You are well named, indeed.

To our A&S Minister, the Lady Hannah....Thank you for your generosity and assistance, it was so appreciated and timely.  Having been a student myself, albeit years ago, I know how tight funds can be during education times. To have the greatness of heart to share your limited resources with someone else in need represents, to me, the Highest and Best Ideals that our Dream seeks to emulate. Your contribution to my well-being is yet another indication of the sincere and genuine sense of Family that lives within the Barony of Elfsea. You are a woman of valor.

To my new SCA Family Home, House FalconRose: I am so honored with my new status as "Fledgling" within the House. To High Lord Aradon, the Gracious and Charming GrandDamme Lady Eithne and to the other Lords, Ladies, Gentles, and Eggs of the House: Thank you one and all for the warm hospitality, words of encouragement, and sincere prayers you have all so generously given to me. I look forward to the days ahead as I get to know you all better. As Sir John the Falconer once said: "Raptors Rule, the rest is just Lunch."  

 ~***~My personal and Very Own R.C. deC's  "Amazing Nobility of A Glorious Spirit" award" carries Absolutely no weight or any merit at all, with anyone, anywhere whatsoever, 'tis true!! Still and all, I would like to offer the " Very First Ever Annual R.C. de C's "Amazing Nobility of  A Glorious Spirit" award to HL Druinne de Salesberie , (who was the Chief Chef for Saturday's very yummy and toothsome nuncheon.) Be it remembered  that
by getting this most envied and wonderful thingee from Merryn that Druinne shall now be Known Far and Wide as ~A Wise-ish and Wonderful Heraldus Superbus of Ansteorra~  ~In Heraldly Awesomely Goodly to King Romulus the Remarkable~ a Fine Friend of the Furry, the Feathered, the Fetlocked, and the Friendless~ Blessedly Bountiful in Beauty~ She of Gracious and Generously Giving of Clues to the Clueless,  is a Most Supreme and Worthy Example of Well-Earned Worthiness,      and not only is she definitely all of that...she also happens to be an all around pretty good person besides.  HUZZAHHH!!!  Vivat Druinne!!!   ~***~ Ok, Ok, so the award carries no benefits at all, but keep in mind Druinne...there is no such thing as Bad Publicity!    

And last but certainly not least: To Lady Lucianna Caterina de Borgese aka "Saint Jaime the Wonderful "  I know how modest you are , and how embarrassed you get  when someone praises you in public, but you deserve this one from me and many more besides. Thank you dear friend for the 16 years we have spent as best friends and gal-pals. We have weathered so many storms together over the years, and I know that, with time, this current Bad Storm I am sailing through will lessen in ferocity. Your quiet support and courage, and your constant ability to make even the worst things have an element of *sick humor* are worth more than gold.  Я - так greatful, чтобы иметь Вас как мой Лучший Друг, даже при том, что я не всегда действую как это. Задумывался об этом, были несколько раз, мы фактически почти ненавидели друг друга! Без сомнения
 это - ваша вещь "сочности" и мое "сомнительное очарование" вещь, которые держат нас висящий в там? Muhhwhahahahahaaa.  
 Thank you "Cianna" for being yourself, and for patiently enduring my fits of bad temper, my moments of sheer terror and  short bursts of weepy dispair.      

To any others I happened to have inadvertantly left out: Forgive me, please. It has taken me two days to write this, and I am sure someone will feel they have been left out and well deserve a personal word of recognition and praise from me. It takes great nobility and strength of character to silently stand by and see things that need to be done, do them, and then receive no rewards/recognition at all. My small words of gratitude are given now to each of you... for all your hard work and efforts in making this year's Elfsea Springfaire such a wonderful, fun, and rewarding experience for everyone, especially me. 

And now, for the first time ever, I sign this as :

~Lady Rosemerryn Carew de Courcelles~

"...The only thing that makes growing older bearable for a woman is having earned the right to truthfully speak her mind..." ~Cecily Neville, Duchess of York, 1483~
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