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Mon Apr 2 16:31:05 PDT 2007

Greetings Your Excellency,
As the outgoing Phoole, I too would like to thank our two competitors and I know they will continue to compete in the future.. Please support them.  Just a quick note of how all the Foolishness went down.
Merryn received an AOL (Award of Legs) from then Puppet King Crandal in morning court.
Evening court brought, Raimond is now His Albatrosace Goose Raimond, Lady Saldisa a No-Countess, Crandal is now His Disgrace, A Duck,  Papillion was also elevated to a Disgrace being made A Duck.  And of course you new King of Fooles, His Travesty Hamish Stewart.Much fun was had by all and my wife and enjoyed the visit with our good friends.
Quick note to HE Crandal, if you wish to elaborate anymore here, please chime in.
Thanks to all and see you next time.
Raimond and Saldisa

A Jester's chief employment, is to kill himself for your enjoyment,
and a Jester unemployed.....is nobodies Fool.  (Danny Kaye "The Court Jester")

Special Thanks to our outgoing bard, Lady Maggie MacPherson and outgoing Artisan, HL Fridhur Haralds as well as our outgoing Fool, Goose Raimond and his puppet, No Count Crandal. Congrats also to HE Crandal as the premier recipient of the "Oyster's Irritant"
His Excellency Papillion's contribution in evening court was quite entertaining as was the camaraderie around the bardic fires after dark.
Your friends are close to you. Keep them that way.
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