[Elfsea] [Ansteorra] Spring Fun Faire

neil starkey raimonddemora at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 3 17:37:27 PDT 2007

A Jester's chief employment, is to kill himself for your enjoyment,
and a Jester unemployed.....is nobodies Fool.  (Danny Kaye "The Court Jester")

My beloved Baron
I do not want to complain, but I am a Duck now and would not I be his Grace-less or something?
Duck Papilion, Day to the Court of Phools
And you would be close Duck Papilion.  The correct title for you now is "His Disgrace".  So people would address you as HD DUCK Papilion.
HA Raimond
(His Albotrisity Raimond)
It’s tax season, make sure to follow these few simple tips 
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