[Elfsea] Spring Faire Thanks (long)

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We had fun at the event, and while my son Gavin the Younger is anxious for 
his first titled win in archery, alas; he was 2nd place.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!!

Elspeth de Stervlen

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>Subject: [Elfsea] Spring Faire Thanks (long)
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>Ahoy Everyone,
>Alas, the Pirates’ ships are fading fast from the
>horizon.  They are being chased away by the new
>Captians of the Elfsea Star whom were chosen at Elfsea
>Spring Faire last weekend.
>Titled Artisan - HL Melisenda de Barcelona of Tempio
>  	(Scroll made by - Lady Carletta da Nicolosi)
>Titiled Bard - Master Robin of Gilwell
>	(Scroll made by HE Ameline du Bois)
>Phoole – Hamish Stewart (HL Daniel Stewart)
>	(Scroll made by - HL Maili Donnel MacGregor)
>Heavy Tournament - Sir Tomas
>Tavern Brawl - Soon-to-be-Sir Louis le Blahblah
>Crest Tournament - “Wokie”(sorry I cannot remember his
>true SCA name)
>Rapier Tournament - Lady Catlin Faelain
>Archery - Gavin the Younger
>Children’s A&S: Ankia der Grant & Wolfheart der Grant
>Children’s Cannon Toss – Justin the Younger
>Children’s Archery – Justin the Younger, Wolf, and
>Banner War Winners:
>Best Camp - Lady Eithne the Healer of House Falcon
>Best Lyst Field Pavilion:  Alaric Morgannwgg, Eclipse
>and Fiona inghean
>uí Mheadhra
>And let us mourn the sad passing of Gimli Savson of
>the Miscreants.  Shortly after signing his name to the
>heavy list, he was shot down by a stray rubber band
>bullet from a fencer’s gun.  Many saw him surrender
>quickly to Davy Jones and friends toasted his passing
>with his reward.
>Thanks to Lady Brenna MacDonald there are some
>wonderful pictures, especially of the crest
>tournament, which was a site to behold.  I don’t think
>my memories of Rudolph the Red-noise Reindeer will
>ever be the same again.
>THANK YOU to the judges of the Bardic and A&S
>competitions. Dona Antonia, Maggie MacPherson,
>Mistress Stella, HL Lyonette, & HE Ameline du Bois
>THANK YOU to the Spring Faire Staff and volunteers who
>made the event such a resounding success.
>Lady Ker Megan “Pyro” at an endless gate, HL Druinne
>and HL Lynotte for the wonderful lunch, Lady Aislyn,
>HL Fearghus & Lady Elspeth for a busy archery shoot,
>Master Darius for heralding court and other
>announcements, Lord Lochlan Dunn for one of the
>funniest Heavy List ever, Lord Dirk for a non-stop
>Rapier list, Lady Hadassah for Children’s activities,
>Lady Elspeth for coordinating the waterbears, Lord
>Gehtert and Lady Adelaide for overseeing the
>chirurgeons, Lady Katheryn and Adelaide for the
>Newcomer’s breakfast, Mistress Rosalia for the
>website, my fellow autocrat Lady Elisabeth for
>everything, and all the volunteers who provided water,
>medical assistance, hospitality, and more.
>THANK YOU to the numerous and mostly anonymous
>Asteorran’s who helped break down and pack everything
>after evening court on Saturday.  When you see me at
>another event, ask for your chocolate payment.
>For the Winners and the Volunteers of Spring Faire,
>Lost and Found:
>Lost – a knife with sheath with a Gulf War site token,
>please email me if you find it was mixed up with your
>stuff accidentally. It was lost near the Barn.
>Pewter mug, sunglasses, flashlight, green camp chair,
>and a few items the owners have already claimed.
>I will bring unclaimed items to Glaslyn Defender on
>April 14.
>In Service,
>  Lady Hanna von Dahl
>  Retired Co-autocrat of Spring Faire
>PS.  Please forgive me if I have misspelled any names
>or assigned the wrong title to anyone.
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>(and love to hate): Yahoo! TV's Guilty Pleasures list.
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