[Elfsea] Guardian of the Tor

Mark Arnold maarnold at speakeasy.net
Thu Apr 5 22:13:13 PDT 2007

I, HL Louis le Blaireau, the current Guardian of the Tor, wish to thank the Tor for the priviledge allowed me by them over the last year. The Tor extends to their Guardian great honor. The collar and necklace are really nice, too.

You want to win this tournament.

"the fighting does not end until the Marshall (or the autocrat) says so!!!"

-- which is 4 hours, right?

It has been tradition that the current Guardian runs the tournament to pick his/her successor. I will be there; so I would hope to have some influence on that decision. It is rumored that the tournament will be reduced to 3 hours. But, the tournament is Famous for being 4 hours. The only time it was cut short was when the tournament was held on a blistering and unforgiving June day. It will be in April this year, so the weather is likely to be much cooler. Some people have sworn to me that I became sick at the last 4 hour bear pit; but that is not true. I went to my hands and knees, but that was the extent of it. Some might say that it is cruel and inhuman that our legs were completely black and blue after the tournament. Well, we bragged about it. Plus, I'm likely to allow the use of real shields this year (and not require solely buckler for the full 4 hours).

Here's what I'd like to do...

Bear pit
5 counted blows with blows retained by the keeper of the field. Two marshalls on the field, each keeping track of the blows called out loud by one of the opponents. For example, if you win a bout 5 to 3 against your first opponent, then your second opponent has only to deliver 2 blows to you to take you off the field; whilst you will have to deliver 5 blows to send that second opponent back to the end of the line. Fighting does not stop when a blow is called. You do not die or loose the use of an arm or legs; you call the blow and keep on fighting. The marshall counting your blows stops the fight when you have called 5 blows. This 5 counted blows idea was brought to the tournament last year by Sir Thomas; and I'd like to do that again. It allows people in line to rest a little longer and it reduces the probability that a hot stick will keep the field all day long.

I would like see more than just sword and board; so, I make the following proposal (open to reconsideration upon objections): Weapon styles would be changed at time intervals. The first 30 minutes would be persona-appropriate. That is, fight weapon(s) appropriate to your persona's period. The second 30 minutes would be great sword. The 3rd, single sword. The 4th, florentine. The rest of the tournament (hopefully 2 more hours) will be fighter's choice.

At your service,
HL Louis le Blaireau

Daralynn Brittain wrote:

>You have faced the rain and storms, you faced the invasion of Pirates....NOW 
>face the famous Bear Pit.
>Think you have what it takes to survive the utlitmate in tournaments?? Come 
>where the fighting does not end until the Marshall (or the autocrat) says 

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