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I think the flashlight is mine.  Mine got left at the Waterbearers/Chirurgeon's pavillion.

Deana Covel <dmcovel79 at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Ahoy Everyone,

Alas, the Pirates’ ships are fading fast from the
horizon. They are being chased away by the new
Captians of the Elfsea Star whom were chosen at Elfsea
Spring Faire last weekend.

Titled Artisan - HL Melisenda de Barcelona of Tempio
(Scroll made by - Lady Carletta da Nicolosi)
Titiled Bard - Master Robin of Gilwell
(Scroll made by HE Ameline du Bois)
Phoole – Hamish Stewart (HL Daniel Stewart)
(Scroll made by - HL Maili Donnel MacGregor)
Heavy Tournament - Sir Tomas
Tavern Brawl - Soon-to-be-Sir Louis le Blahblah
Crest Tournament - “Wokie”(sorry I cannot remember his
true SCA name)
Rapier Tournament - Lady Catlin Faelain
Archery - Gavin the Younger

Children’s A&S: Ankia der Grant & Wolfheart der Grant
Children’s Cannon Toss – Justin the Younger
Children’s Archery – Justin the Younger, Wolf, and

Banner War Winners:
Best Camp - Lady Eithne the Healer of House Falcon
Best Lyst Field Pavilion: Alaric Morgannwgg, Eclipse
and Fiona inghean 
uí Mheadhra

And let us mourn the sad passing of Gimli Savson of
the Miscreants. Shortly after signing his name to the
heavy list, he was shot down by a stray rubber band
bullet from a fencer’s gun. Many saw him surrender
quickly to Davy Jones and friends toasted his passing
with his reward. 

Thanks to Lady Brenna MacDonald there are some
wonderful pictures, especially of the crest
tournament, which was a site to behold. I don’t think
my memories of Rudolph the Red-noise Reindeer will
ever be the same again. 

THANK YOU to the judges of the Bardic and A&S
competitions. Dona Antonia, Maggie MacPherson,
Mistress Stella, HL Lyonette, & HE Ameline du Bois

THANK YOU to the Spring Faire Staff and volunteers who
made the event such a resounding success. 
Lady Ker Megan “Pyro” at an endless gate, HL Druinne
and HL Lynotte for the wonderful lunch, Lady Aislyn,
HL Fearghus & Lady Elspeth for a busy archery shoot,
Master Darius for heralding court and other
announcements, Lord Lochlan Dunn for one of the
funniest Heavy List ever, Lord Dirk for a non-stop
Rapier list, Lady Hadassah for Children’s activities,
Lady Elspeth for coordinating the waterbears, Lord
Gehtert and Lady Adelaide for overseeing the
chirurgeons, Lady Katheryn and Adelaide for the
Newcomer’s breakfast, Mistress Rosalia for the
website, my fellow autocrat Lady Elisabeth for
everything, and all the volunteers who provided water,
medical assistance, hospitality, and more. 

THANK YOU to the numerous and mostly anonymous
Asteorran’s who helped break down and pack everything
after evening court on Saturday. When you see me at
another event, ask for your chocolate payment. 

For the Winners and the Volunteers of Spring Faire,

Lost and Found:
Lost – a knife with sheath with a Gulf War site token,
please email me if you find it was mixed up with your
stuff accidentally. It was lost near the Barn.
Pewter mug, sunglasses, flashlight, green camp chair,
and a few items the owners have already claimed. 

I will bring unclaimed items to Glaslyn Defender on
April 14. 

In Service,
Lady Hanna von Dahl
Retired Co-autocrat of Spring Faire 

PS. Please forgive me if I have misspelled any names
or assigned the wrong title to anyone. 

We won't tell. Get more on shows you hate to love 
(and love to hate): Yahoo! TV's Guilty Pleasures list.
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