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Randal Mars rkmars at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 9 11:12:57 PDT 2007

I had received an email from someone pretending to be Pay-Pal (concerning a dispute over an alleged sale) informing me my account had been billed for an item. They also stated there was a problem with a confirmation of my address I had no knowledge of the item involved or the person listed as being a so-called seller. I ignored it until today when I received a Customer Warning from eBay concerning *spoof* emails. I did as the warning suggested and forwarded onto them the entire email I had received. I just got confirmation from eBay that the so-called "Pay Pal letter" was in fact spoof and is now under investigation. I have received,over the years, several bogus eBay and PayPal communications asking for passwords, account numbers, etc. and deleted them immediately. 

This recent phish is a new breed, however, and I am glad I forwarded it on to eBay. If you receive anything similar don't just delete it. (Ebay Safe Harbor strongly advises NOT going to any website mentioned in the questionable email. I am supposing their concern is because they feel the website could be a doorway site for several possible types of  nasty Trojans**)  EBay Customer Support requests that if you receive Any questionable emails concerning eBay or PayPal that you please immediately:  Forward the entire email without any changes to : spoof at ebay.com 

You will receive within a short time a verification of receipt letter from eBay that will contain a file number assigned to your report. In a separate email you will receive further information from the Safe Harbour folks at rswebhelp at ebay.com  telling you if your reported questionable email was in fact a hoax. It makes sense for those of us who use eBay and PayPal to assist in rooting out the low-lifes who try and take advantage of the trust and goof faith of unsuspecting and maybe uninformed shoppers and sellers.

This concludes my Good Deed for the Day posting. 


**Trojans:  I am posting a link that contains a "quick and easy to understand" tutorial on what a computer Trojan is: visit: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/4188

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