[Elfsea] Newcomers revel

Miss M Brow starstruck503 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 11 09:02:51 PDT 2007

That sounds like so much fun, your Grace!  Now I am *really* sorry I will 
miss it :(
*psssst*   *Adelaide!*  *whispers*  *save all this good stuff for when I 
come back*

It all sounds like good fun :)  Rua

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>Dear Lady
>I discovered that a sort of period atmosphere really helps. I have
>some wall hangings we could put up in your yard and rugs. Torches are
>nice. Period Music sets the stage. This can be on a machine. In your
>house you can have displays of feast gear and things to hide the
>mundane, SCA shoes, jewelery etc. Create a list of stores that people
>can look for things. Greet everyone with a modified courtesy. Calling
>everyone M'Lord and M'Lady. Encourage the older members to model
>courtesies. Get yourself some friendly hats so your new people can
>get over hat and peer fear. Have some period games out. Get some
>performers to do stories about the history of Ansteorra and stories
>about different cultures. Have a riddle game. Play something physical
>like a pillow fight or that rope game Duke Miguel does.Teach them
>about the SCA, but also give them a taste of what we do and how we do
>in Ansteorra. Am I making sense? We have the modern organization know
>as the SCA but we create the Kingdoms of the know world and we create
>Ansteorra by our actions. We need to teach our New People that it is
>by all of us working together that we make the magic. Please stress
>the study of history and we learn by doing.
>My thoughts on what I did when I was in your spot. Please take what
>you can and don't worry about not using something.
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