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Thu Apr 12 18:40:09 PDT 2007

Just a quick word to those who are thinking of attending the Rosenfeld demo 
on May 6 (Sunday).  
The event starts at noon, and the Rosenfeld populace would like anyone 
participating to plan on being at the park by 11:00 for setup.  They need A&S, 
fighters, and just people to mill around in costume.  If you like, you can drive in 
on Saturday, and either take a motel room or arrange crash space.  Lady Sarah 
of Rosenfeld (_reddragun38_2000 at yahoo.com_ 
(mailto:reddragun38_2000 at yahoo.com) ), the Shire's A&S Minister will need information on the requirements for 
those bringing A&S for display to arrange areas for setup, and can help with 
information on local motels, or crash space to a limited degree.  The Seneschal, 
Duke Patrick Michael (_PatrickandJulia at aol.com_ 
(mailto:PatrickandJulia at aol.com) ) or the Hospitaller, Lord Charles O'Flynn (_charlie at raf662bravo.com_ 
(mailto:charlie at raf662bravo.com) ) can also be contacted for further information on 
what is needed and what will be provided.
The drive is a pleasant drive of slightly more than 2 hours (from Dallas), 
and East Texas in early May is quite pretty (I went to college in the area, so I 
know).  So if you are not planning on going to one of the other Kingdom 
events that weekend, and want something low-key and pleasant to do on a Sunday 
afternoon, this might be just the event for you!
>From what I have been told, this is Rosenfeld's major demo of the year, and 
brings in quite a few people.  Please, if you can, make the time and drive over 
to give Rosenfeld a helping hand!
Thank you,
Honorable el-Sayyidda Saqra al-Kudsi

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