[Elfsea] OT: Request for Pirate Gear

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I have a Pendragon black suede leather front-lace bodice fits size 12-14 and long black linen blend elastic-waist skirt size M and Medium elastic waist red taffeta petticoat with black lace trim at hem. Have size medium black cotton-muslin chemise/shirt with ties at wrist and at top. Also have size 7-8 red leather flat- soled knee high boots for that "extra pinache-seeking" pirate wench.  ;)You are More than welcome to use any or all of these things.

Please give me a ring-up and let me know if any of this interests you. Luciana and I are leaving the house at 5:30 for about 90 minutes for some last minute shopping. Will be home afterwards packing up things for tomorrow.


ps. just left a voice mail for you.

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I don't have t-shirts, but I do have a pirate flag and a light weight skull & cross bones twin size blanket that you are welcome to borrow if we can arrange transport for them. If I can find it I may still have a pouch with a skull on it that I got from Party City several years ago.

Ly Gabriele


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Dear friends,
I have created a monster (in the best of ways!) at work.
May 21st- 25th is now Pirate vs. Ninja Week! I am a Captain of the pirate side, and I need help!
If you have any pirate gear that you could loan me, especially any of the newer Pirates are cooler than Ninja t-shirts,
 I have 5 days I need to dress up, and while I will be buying some stuff, I know that my friends here have some of this stuff in their closets.
Thank you in advance!

Honorable Lady Rixende de Rouen, CIM, CSM
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