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Mon Apr 16 18:22:02 PDT 2007

Unto the populace and friends of Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor do we, Armand
and Ameline, Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, Lord and Lady Dragonsfire Tor,
send warm greetings.

With fond memories of a wonderful Springfaire fresh in mind, we look to our
fall event with great anticipation. We encourage everyone to mark your
calendars now with plans to attend Elfsea Defender in September, where we do
hereby make known to all that we shall step aside as Baron & Baroness of
Elfsea and, at the pleasure of the crown, welcome our successors.

Defender will mark the fourth anniversary of our investiture which followed
five months as Vicar and Vicaress. We thank those who expressed their faith
in us by appointing us to these positions. It has been an honor and a
privilege to serve our friends and beloved barony as Baron & Baroness. 

We most especially want to thank the numerous officers and supporters, who
have been our strength, and the dedication they have shown throughout our
tenure. As a consequence, we know Elfsea is blessed with many leaders and
are confident of a bright future for the barony. Elfsea is strong in
leaders, strong in finances and strong in spirit and we take pride in, and
are humbled by, the accomplishments of her people. 

We have spoken with the Crown and The Royal Heirs who have given Their
blessing to this, our intent. We have utmost faith and confidence in our
seneschal, Lady Aislyn, to steward this transition smoothly and
successfully. Likewise, we have faith in our populace and those who would
seek to succeed us to do so with courtesy, camaraderie and chivalry.
Therefore, please make plans now to join us at Elfsea Defender and help us
welcome those who will usher in a new chapter in Elfsea's glorious history!

In the service of kingdom, crown and barony, we remain,
Armand & Ameline
6th Baron & Baroness of Elfsea

Nec Hostium Timete Nec Amicum Recusate
Fear No Enemy, Deny No Friend

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