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  I and part if the Miscreants have been trying to volunteer for a 
couple of weeks.I have my family and Anastasia has herself and 5 

Arts and Sciences static demo displays ( I have things for that)I 
have wall hangings that have been used in the past. 

Arts and Sciences dynamic displays (spinning, weaving, gaming, music 
and bardic are excellent choices) We can do weaving, bardic, gaming. 
Is it Ok to set up a gaming tent?

Fighters (both Heavy and Light) to bring in the crowds (We have 

Heralds to tell the mundanes what is going on ( can do that)

Bards dancers, and musicians to entertain us all ( We can do that)The 
Miscreants are very strong on that. 

We have not heard anything. Do we or do we not have tickets? Please 
get in contact with us. The miscreants and I need to know so we can 
make plans. I have had problems in the past with our request and I am 
worried that my notes are being lost in cyber space. 


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