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Wed Apr 25 13:03:01 PDT 2007

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>Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 14:47:25 -0500
>What's the current list for the potluck dinner at Guardian of the Tor?

Here it is. Guardian of the Tor is this weekend. Elfsea where are you? I 
have not heard from you for the potluck.

Food! We need food. Fighters, archers, A&S, Bards and populace are hungry 
after an event. Sign up for the potluck. Share a meal with your old and new 

Guardian of the Tor is the end of this month. 4/27 – 30. Saturday night we 
will have a potluck for dinner. In the past we have always enjoyed the 
wonderful dishes brought by you. With that in mind I am starting a food list 
so we do not have 10 salads of the same kind.

Remember bring a dish to feed yourself and 12 others.

Just add to the list and send back. I will be happy to keep the list 

If you have any questions you may reach me at jcason at stvleaze.net.

See you there.


Kat (Loch Ruadh)	lil smokies in BBQ sauce

Crandall, Olde Phart  Bread and butter

Bice   Spinach & Strawberry salad  (sounds yucky but the kids even came back 
for seconds)
Alric and Fiona pasta salad

Dana   crock pot of green beans
Janie     Lughnasad Pea Salad



Brighid and Bear	probably brownies and cookies


Disposable feast gear:
Utensils	Crandall, Olde Phart
Napkins	Kat (1 package)

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