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Sat Apr 28 09:44:03 PDT 2007

I'm home now.
 I'll probably have surgery on the ankle on Wednesday, if we can get
everything set up. I will see my orthopedic surgeon first thing Monday

For the medical folks out there, so far, the diagnosis is:
Acute Trimalleolar Fracture of the Left Ankle, Acute Fracture of the
Left Foot (3 bones), and Acute Fracture of the Right Great Toe.

My family and friends have been wonderful. I have never been more
thankful for my son, than I was yesterday. He called the ambulance, took
care of the dogs, got my wheelchair in his car, and followed the
ambulance to the Baylor ER. He then pestered the front desk until they
let him in to see me!

The pain drugs are keeping everything to a dull roar and I'm getting
around ok, except for the fact that I can't put my full weight on my
right foot due to the broken toe. It's hard to balance on.

Hugs to everyone,

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This morning Mistress Xene fell down the stairs at her house and broke
left ankle and foot as well as the big toe on her right foot. She  has
been to 
the ER and is now home. She will be seeing doctors next week for
evaluation. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers at this time.
Also if 
you try to contact her and she does not respond please understand she is
not up 
to her usual self. If it is important contact me and I will make sure
messages get to her. I am sure she will be back on her computer as fast
as  she 
can. :)
HL Maili  Donnel MacGregor

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