[Elfsea] Thank you

Daralynn Brittain elspeth013 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 30 08:58:57 PDT 2007

Greetings everyone!!

This may be long.....please bear with me...

Thank you everyone for helping with DFT Tor!!  We all had a great time, 
weather was superb,everything went great!!

Thanks to Janie for all her help....she was there for everything!! And to 
the following people.

Our Past Champions: HL Louie, Don Brendan, Lady Prudence and Baron 
Manginfred for helping put on some of the best tournaments ever!!

Lady Colleen and Lady Micola for keeping the lists straight, Lady Aingeal 
for being my WIC and CIC,  Nicolas and House Falconrose for helping keep 
security, Baroness Dana for providing the Hospitality building, Lady Aurelia 
for providing the prizes for the Youth A & S competition, Lady Haddassa (sp 
sorry) for providing youth activities, and the "crew" for helping me get 
everything set up on Friday, Lady Aislyn and HL Fearhgus for bringing us the 
archery "stuff".

Our Youth champions:

A & S
13 - up was Anika (wonderful work!!!)

10-13 was Wolfheart (beautiful)

9 - under  Cailin the Bratling for a beautifully made pot


13 - up Anika

9-12 Wolfheart

Under 8  Justin the Youngest

Youth Bardic:

Champion was Abigail

and Alex and Anika for taking the next two places !!

And our Bear pit winners:

Heavy - Master Airaklee

Rapier - Lord Ingve

Archery - Lady Aislyn

Bardic - Master Darius

Vivat to all that competed and all that won!!

Also, many thanks to our merchant, Tomas the Peddler for providing many 
wares for sale, providing great ambiance on the field, and for the donations 
to the surprise Auction for the Tor.

Lastly, we at the Tor, want to thank our Baron and Baroness.  This was our 
last court and event with you.  We hope you had a great time, and we look 
forward to having you come down and see us in the future!

Everyone, once again, thank you for everything.  All those that volunteered, 
we could not have done it without you, waterbearers, gate workers and all 
others that just helped.  It was a great event because you were all there!!

See you all at Yule!!

Lady Elspeth de Stervlen and Lord Ravenger

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