[Elfsea] A&S Competitions at Lughnasad

Pádraig Ruad Ó Maolagáin padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Thu Aug 2 08:42:03 PDT 2007

Arts & Sciences at Lughnasad

We have decided that last year was so much fun with all the almost Period
items that we will do it again.

To that end we want to give it a more ear catching name; therefore we have
come up with the "OOPS" Competition.

OOPS means Out Of Period - Sorta, and is for entries that are almost, but
not quite, Period.

The OOPS will be open to adults only, and will be decided by Populace vote.

There will also be competitions for Period Arts and Sciences for both
adults and children.

While documentation is not required, extra consideration will be given to
entries with documentation.

Prizes will be awarded for the Populace Favorite and for the Judges Choice
in both the adult and children categories.

"OOPS" Competition

Do you have past or current creations that are too MUNDANE to be entered
in other A&S competitions?

Perhaps you have a wonderful recipe that was not actually served in
period?  Inspired armor that you found was only fantasy?  Beautiful garb
made of polyester or rayon? Woodcuts made from linoleum?  Woodcarvings
made of  new world woods?  Dazzling knitted, crocheted, or lacework pieces
in patterns that CAN’T be documented?

Then we have the A&S competition for you!

In addition to this year’s Lughnasad A&S competition we are  having a
special category for non-period and undocumented entries!  Now is the time
to show off!  This is a perfect opportunity for talented newcomers to

Only minimal documentation is requested to show how your piece was created!

In accordance with Kingdom Law, no entries will be accepted that are
blatantly modern in appearance or usage, but all others entries not in our
regular A&S competition will be accepted!

Please contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences at moas at lochruadh.org if
you have any questions.

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