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Thanks, Crandall, this sounds like exactly what I have been looking for!  I 
will go hunt it down today!  I hate being forced to shop at megastores 
because they drive small businesses out of business, so I try to shop at the 
smaller places when I can.  I've found enough small stores that I can now 
avoid WalMart, but hadn't found a replacement for Home Despot or Lowe's.  
I'd rther pay the little bit extra and know I am helping the community.  :D  

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>There is a wood yard up on Lancaster, just north
>of where Armand's shop is located. At least I
>hope it is still there. They have a good
>selection and will custom cut to dimension if you
>have no power tools.
>Just west of Beach and Lancaster in Fort Worth.
>On the south side of Lancaster.
>They have scrap at the cutting area, and it is
>great sizes for small crafts and such.
>Crandall, Olde Wood Butcher
>--- Miss M Brow <starstruck503 at hotmail.com>
> > Could you please be a little more specific
> > about the hardwood?  Thanks, Rua
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