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Subject: [Elfsea] Inkle Looms
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Does anyone have any recommendations concerning Inkle Looms (table size, not 
floor size)?  Where I should get one, how much they should cost, etc.?  Is 
there anyone out there  who would like to sell me one or loan me one to try 
(whether you made it or bought it)?   I have looked on the Internet and they 
are in the $50 to $70 range new, but my concern is that I can't always tell 
what kind of wood they are made of or how sturdy they might be.  One of the 
members of the Textiles list has been very helpful and she indicated that I 
needed one made of a hardwood like Oak or Maple if possible, and that the 
wood for her homemade one cost $100.  One of the most reasonable ones on 
line is made of New Zealand birch, which I know nothing about, so I don't 
know if it is really a good investment or not.  Although my husband Robert 
has wordworking equipment in the garage, he is killing himself right now 
working six days a week and doing all the cooking, laundry etc. while I am 
laid up with the broken leg.  So it would not be a good time to ask him to 
make me one unless I want it next year.

Cristiana, aka Liz of Flower Mound

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