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Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 17:10:18 PDT 2007

Thanks to everyone that attended the demo last weekend. A great time was had
by all, and we met and endeared ourselves to many new people and potential
new members. Other than the rather disappointing attendance of the con
itself, I would call this a rousing success.

My special thanks to Sir Morgan and Lady Vivianne for all their hard work
and dedication making this happen.

Thanks to all our artisans that brought things to display and share, Suzanna
the Herbalist, Baroness Francesca and HL Esther, as well as HL Lyneya for
her archery equipment display and all those who brought books, table covers
and items to display, share and talk about.

Thanks to all the fighters, light and heavy that competed and entertained
the crowds: Duke Hoegarden, Laslo, Alexander, Sir Morgan, Sir Thomas,
Mathias, Rixande, Don  Robin, Don Ingve and Adelina.

Thanks to those who helped and talked with the spectators, Sir Lasguaard,
Don Alaric, Baroness Katheryn, John, Anwyn, Lady Graine, Borak, Dietrich,
Reagan, Abby, and everyone else I may have missed. I'm terrible with names,
and my brain's fried.

My thanks to everyone who made this a wonderful weekend. Everything went
almost flawlessly from our end, the only major problem was a decided lack of
attendance of con goers, but that's not our fault.

I'll see you all tomorrow at business meeting.

Thanks again to everyone for everything.

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