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The Azure Pearl of Elfsea is not an Order, per se. It carries no precedence
and is given at the discretion of the Baron & Baroness. In practice the
criteria for receiving an Azure Pearl has been ambiguous enough to allow
each Baron & Baroness to apply their own criteria. Some have viewed it as a
recognition of desirable "persona play". Others have attached a "service"
component to it. I tend to think of it as a bit of both. akin to an Azure
Grail, but to a lesser degree. It has rarely been given. The only reference
to it I have found online is at: http://www.elfsea.net/rp/pearl.asp but that
does not share the full heraldic status. (Charter text, inception date,
etc.) I think it would be helpful to have such information linked to from
the Herald's contact page (or some other intuitive link)
As I recall, the original proposal was for "Pearl of Elfsea" but that
conflicted with an award somewhere in Atlantia, and thus "Azure" was
appended. I would invite those who worked on it's creation and passage to
add additional details to which you may be privy.
In the service of kingdom, crown and barony, I remain,
HE Armand Dragonetti
Baron of Elfsea


From: Luciana Caterina di Borghese

What was the Order of the Azure Pearl of Elfsea given for? My apologies,
this is the first that I have heard of it. I did a search for it, and found
two recorded members of the order (Dirk the Just and Tomas Niallagain).
There is no description of it. 

On 8/7/07, willowjonbardc at juno.com <willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote: 

Dream." Are members of the
Azure Pearl of Elfsea announced as a "Pearl of Elfsea" or are they 
announced as Members or Companions of the Azure Pearl of Elfsea. 

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