[Elfsea] Middle Eastern Dance Competition at Defender

Tomas Niallagain siortomas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 19:14:22 PDT 2007

Your Grace,

Thank you for your quick responses. I apologize if the words I chose gave
you the impression that I did not support the activity you have planned.
This was never my intention. In fact, I eagerly look forward to seeing the
performances of the many that would compete in the Middle Eastern Dance
competition. I wish there were more venues for both Middle Eastern and
European dance. I miss revels that include dancing, as I was a dancer long
before I was a fighter. As a matter of fact, if I didn't dance, I would have
never met and won my lady's heart.

Any time that you attach a title to the winner of a competition, it gives
the appearance of it being a 'Titled' competition. By including 'of Elfsea'
in the title, it gives further weight to that appearance. Many group use [
Title] of [Group Name] to identify their Champions. For example, I am
currently 'Warlord of the Steppes' and 'Champion of Bordermarch'. It is easy
to see how there can be confusion with the title and who would be bestowing

However, I do feel that my concerns were valid about a 'new' title champion
being added for the Barony. I and/or my lady have attended all populace and
business meetings since the bid for Defender had been awarded, and were not
familiar with the addition of this competition. Therefore I asked the
questions to clarify the details about a competition that appeared to be an
additional Titled competition, since the title is terribly close to the name
of an award I value. Thank you for your clarification that this is not a
titled Baronial Championship.

The holders of the Azure Pearl, like any other non-armigerous award can use
the declarative statement 'Holder of' in front of the award's name. Similar
to the Azure Keystone of Elfsea, which is often shortened to simply
'Keystone' or 'Keystone of Elfsea', the Azure Pearl of Elfsea is most often
referred to as the 'Pearl of Elfsea'. (Of note, the award was conceived as
the "Pearl of Elfsea", and Azure was added due to a heraldic conflict with
the Pearl, which is an Atlantian A&S award.) While there are some who may
see the award as a minor token or 'attaboy', I hold it in high esteem as a
rare honor bestowed upon me by my Baron.  I remain,

ever in service,

Sior Tomás Niállagáin

On 8/7/07, willowjonbardc at juno.com <willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote:
> No this is not a title competition. I have talked to the B&B. The
> question I have does the order allow a special title to the award
> like the Lions of of Ansteorra are allowed a special introduction
> of "Loin of Ansteorra, Defender of the Dream." Are members of the
> Azure Pearl of Elfsea announced as a "Pearl of Elfsea" or are they
> announced as Members or Companions of the Azure Pearl of Elfsea. What
> is the exact wording. Are members of the order referred to
> as "Pearls" the same way as "Ants" are referred too?
> The use of "pearl of ---" was a common reference to women in middle
> eastern poetry. It was a pretty nothing. I will try to work something
> out.
> willow

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