[Elfsea] Middle Eastern Dance Competition at Defender

Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Wed Aug 8 22:27:04 PDT 2007

Greetings Your Grace,

Having asked the question, I am compelled to answer. To me, one sounded like
an activity occurring at Elfsea Defender and the other sounded like a titled

The first announcement that I saw regarding the Middle Eastern Competition
at Elfsea Defender was posted to the kingdom list and did not appear to have
a competition "name" per se, but rather an invitation to a "Grand Tournament
of Dancing" which then went on to name the grand prize as being the title
"Pearl of Elfsea" which is extremely close to an award name already in use
within our (yours and my) barony. This fact was the source of *my* concern. 

Only this evening did the discussion turn from the overlap of a heraldic
reference to the name of the competition. However, had the competition been
worded "Elfsea Defender's Jewel of Middle Eastern Dance" I would have found
no objection. Perhaps the distinction is too subtle or gives the appearance
of playing games of semantics, but that was not the intent and it was
certainly not intended to show favoritism or have political overtones. My
apologies to you and anyone else who feels that that was the case.

My limited experience has shown me that public discussions of this type do
not represent or serve us well, especially in the eyes of newcomers, but
also in those of veterans as well. Therefore, I shall not comment further on
this topic on the public list. For me, the hour grows late.

Baron Armand Dragonetti
Lord Elfsea
Lord Dragonsfire Tor

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> Subject: Re: [Elfsea] Middle Eastern Dance Competition at Defender
> Unto Baron Armand, Baron of Elfsea
> >From His Grace, Master Jonathan DeLaufyson
> Greetings,
> Why can Master Caelin, one Baronial candidate, use
> Elfsea in the title of his competition and Duchess
> Willow, another Baronial candidate, cannot?
> Perhaps, it is because you do not consider us to
> actually be members of Elfsea.  I am very tired
> with all the crap we have to go through to get anything
> done.  I have been told that I am not good enough
> to be an Autocrat's official mentor, because I
> do not have a Keystone.  Does not matter that I
> have been a warranted seneschal, Lord High Chancellor
> of this Kingdom for 3 1/2 years, wrote our Kingdom
> Laws, revised our Laws as High Chancellor, have an Oak,
> A Comet, Star of Merit and Pelican.  I am told that
> I do not understand the traditions of Elf Sea even
> though I am a founding member of the group.  That I
> am its 2ND Defender and 1st Bard.  I have lived in
> this group this time for the last 12 years and have
> been made to feel unwelcome most of the time.
> Duchess Willow was told to do certain things in
> order to have the dance competition.  She did what
> she was told to do.  It was approved and it was
> announced by the Autocrat of Defender at the Moot.
> Just because you did not bother to come to Moot
> does not change what was decided at Moot.  Just
> because Sir Tomas did not bother to listen at
> Moot does not change what was said there.
> If Duchess Willow can not use the Baronial name
> of Elfsea in her competition, then I think that
> Master Caelin should not be allow to use the
> Baronial name in the title of his competitions.
> I am tired of the blatant favoritism in this
> group between the Keystones and the other members.
> I am tired in being told I am not really a member
> of Elfsea.  I am tired of being told that I do not
> know the Traditions of Elfsea or how things are
> done in Elfsea. I have been quiet and put up with
> this nonsense for the last 12 years.  I am tired
> of being quiet and I am not going to be quiet
> any more.
> Master Jonathan

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