[Elfsea] Some history about our Baronial Championships

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Business Meeting is indeed open to all. however the _Financial Committee_ meeting which is held just before business meeting is a separate issue. Even as an officer since I am not a member of the financial committee all I can do is sit back and observe. On occasion I have been asked my opinion by the Committee when I was standing nearby however, when they took their vote to approve or disapprove an item on their docket I was of course excluded. 

The Membership of the committee (if I can do this from memory) includes The Seneschal, the Treasurer the Baron&baroness(who together count as a single member of the committee with only one vote) and two other members of the Barony. 


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>Dear Stella
>Is business meeting open to everyone? I was forced to wait outside 
>out of hearing range when some business was discussed. I think it was 
>over the finical. While I know I would not be able to talk during a 
>fiinical meeting in the past members of the populace where allowed to 
>listen. In fact I think the person in charge of the region made some 
>comment on this over the list. 
>I didn't get the feeling that the people in charge really welcomed 
>the households heads or non officer peers or general populace. There 
>didn't seem to be many of them at the business meeting.
>When I bought up concerns or project I was told to present them at 
>moot because I had to get populace OK.
>When can we talk about things we want to see? I thought the moot was 
>for the populace and business meeting was for the officers. 
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