[Elfsea] Some history about our Baronial Championships

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You are correct. The finance committee meetings, like all SCA meetings below
the level of the Board, is open to anyone. However, only the members of the
committee may vote on any issues brought up. Non-members may stay and
observe the voting, but may not vote and may only join the discussions when

Caelin on Andrede (member of the committee since I am the Exchequer)

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Business Meeting is indeed open to all. however the _Financial Committee_
meeting which is held just before business meeting is a separate issue. Even
as an officer since I am not a member of the financial committee all I can
do is sit back and observe. On occasion I have been asked my opinion by the
Committee when I was standing nearby however, when they took their vote to
approve or disapprove an item on their docket I was of course excluded. 

The Membership of the committee (if I can do this from memory) includes The
Seneschal, the Treasurer the Baron&baroness(who together count as a single
member of the committee with only one vote) and two other members of the


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>Dear Stella
>Is business meeting open to everyone? I was forced to wait outside 
>out of hearing range when some business was discussed. I think it was 
>over the finical. While I know I would not be able to talk during a 
>fiinical meeting in the past members of the populace where allowed to 
>listen. In fact I think the person in charge of the region made some 
>comment on this over the list. 
>I didn't get the feeling that the people in charge really welcomed 
>the households heads or non officer peers or general populace. There 
>didn't seem to be many of them at the business meeting.
>When I bought up concerns or project I was told to present them at 
>moot because I had to get populace OK.
>When can we talk about things we want to see? I thought the moot was 
>for the populace and business meeting was for the officers. 
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