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Please take a moment and can check out our new test website at:




I've cleaned up and reformatted our pages to give them common look and feel.
You'll see that our website is blue, new knot work, and with a slightly
larger font.  I've also removed the red text hot links which made the text
fuzzy.  I hope it's easer to read.  


I wish that I could confidently tell you that there are no typos or wordos.
On typo and wordo, please accept my apology now and just write and tell me
about it.  If you see something or think something is wrong, please don't
assume that someone else will catch it.  Please be as specific as you can so
I can find and correct it.  


If I don't respond to you about a comment, don't get discouraged. Please
keep your comments coming.  I'm expecting to see a lot of emails and it
might be a quite a while before I can give you a response.  


For those of you who have an account, you can log on and check it our.


I've recovered a lot of information from the found files on the server.
Please note the "History" button is the catch all for all of our pages under
work.  Any TBD (To Be Determined) means that either I don't know or I didn't
have the current information.


Please write to me with your comments and concerns.


In Service,


Daniel of Cameron

Elfsea Virtual Scribe

vscribe at elfsea.net.


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