[Elfsea] Website Logon Process Problem, electronic Doomsday, and other potential uses

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Fri Aug 17 08:15:11 PDT 2007

Good Morning,


In my response to Inez, I realized that this message should be on a separate


To refresh, at Business Meeting, Caelin and I found out that each of us
thought that the other was performing the process to allow access to the
website.  At that time Caelin called me and said that there were some 30
people awaiting access.  We decided to perform a mass acceptance of all the
people waiting for access.  At this time I realized that we have a problem
with our approval process.  


Basically, we approve access to anyone. I have discussed my concerns about
with Aislyn.  and this is the follow on email covering this point.



Some checks like an obviously fake email address are not approved.  However,
we need better process.  Perhaps I could look them up there names in our
Doomsday or the Ansteorra OP?   There names will not appear if there a new
member or if they had changed the SCA name.  Likewise, if there a Steppes
member or Stargate member wanting access, we don't have access to there


Of course I could call them (we ask for a phone number) and see if there
legit.  Again, what questions to ask for verification?  You could always
just say "new member" and gain access.


Then there is the question of what is the logon access for?  For those
reading along, it's an electronic members list (eDoomsday).  Apparently, the
logon is to limit access to this membership list only to the verified
members.  It is supposed to give us a feeling of protection of our online
data is limited access.  


I've thought about shutting down the log on side of the website.  


I personally like that idea of a having a phone list on line.  One were each
of us could change our contact information on the fly.  You logon and find
someone current phone number or email address.  


What about being able to update our address book (outlook, outlook express,
etc.) with this current information?  I don't know about you, but having an
electronic copy of our Doomsday was real helpful when Kat and I worked
through our wedding invite list.   Yes, this copy was two or three years out
of date and that was a problem.  


With some work, there could be way to access this eDoomsday for officers
list.  I thought about how nice it would be for the Seneschal to log on and
assign members to Offices (dynamically) to their office.  Likewise, I
thought about access the eDoomsday to update our contact information on the
Offices page dynamically.  


Another user if being able to have our list of champions (in a new
undeveloped database) accessing the eDoomsday.  You could contact one of our
champions (assuming that they have a record on our eDoomsday).  Or generate
a list of our champions contact information for a mailing list.  


One of the biggest concerns is that this website could not be maintained
except by a very few people.  What ever I came up with, the next Virtual
Scribe, could rewrite the website because they don't have access to the
tools (or knowledge) being used.  I have no problem with this because this
is the virtual nature of this work. 


In service,

Daniel of Cameron

Virtual Scribe, Elfsea

vscribe at elfsea.net

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